Get ready for the hottest lumberjack-who’s-not-actually-a-lumberjack you’ve ever met!

I was smitten the moment Mark Bracelyn walked onto the pages Chef Sugarlips (book #2 in the Ponderosa Resort series). The burly, surly brother captured my heart from his first grunted curse-word, and he wouldn’t stop grumbling in my ear until I agreed to write his story. That’s Hottie Lumberjack, the fourth book in my rom-com series about a family of adult siblings who inherit their late-father’s Central Oregon ranch and transform it into a luxury resort (all while getting to know each other because they had different mothers. Dad got around).

Aaaaaanyway, is it okay to admit Hottie Lumberjack might be my favorite? Don’t tell the others, but Mark’s story was the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on in years. The words flowed so fast that my fingers couldn’t keep up (on the keyboard, you pervs, the keyboard).

I hope you love Hottie Lumberjack  as much as I do. Even if you’ve never read a book in the Ponderosa series, you can jump right in here, since I write all my series books as standalones. Happy reading!