The series is complete!

When The Fix Up hit the USA Today bestseller list last May, I thought to myself, “there’s no topping this.”

But then Now That It’s You was named a RITA finalist in March 2017 and I realized two of my biggest lifelong writing dreams had come true.

I’ll admit I had a little performance anxiety when I started writing the final book in the First Impressions series. Would I be able to achieve the right balance of humor and heart? Would readers like it, or would they throw moldy fruit at me on street corners?

I’m breathing a sigh of relief as early reviews roll in for The Hook Up. Turns out readers really dig this story of an independent single mom who meets her match in a surly ex-Navy man with smoldering eyes and some serious baggage. I’m probably not supposed to have favorites in a series, but is it okay if I confess that The Hook Up is my favorite book in the First Impressions series?

I hope you love Ty and Ellie as much as I do. Thank you for seeing this series through to its completion, and for following along with my latest sexy romantic comedy.