Want to laugh ‘til you snork wine out your nose while you tingle in places you shouldn’t touch in public? Check out any of my romantic comedies and naughty novellas. Not sure where to start? Here’s a handy reading guide!


What happens when six famous siblings buy a cult compound to make a tiny town, trading Hollywood drama for middle-of-freakin’-nowhere Oregon? It’s the sexiest social experiment on television, with a mishmash of medics, cops, and farmers seeking a fresh start—and maybe a shot at love.

The Ponderosa Resort Romantic Comedy Series invites you on a journey to small-town Central Oregon where two sisters work to get their reindeer ranch up and running while the siblings down the road transform their late father’s ranch into a luxury resort (all while getting to know each other because they grew up with different moms. Er, Dad got around). I write all the books as standalones, so you can pick them up in any order and not feel lost!

These longer, meatier novels center around a team of smokejumpers and air attack firefighters in the Pacific Northwest. Each book is a standalone that can be read in any order. Expect a few extra tears, but still plenty of humor.

The List series

My steamiest, naughtiest series so far. Billed as erotic romantic comedy, you won’t want to read these books with your mom peering over your shoulder (unless you’re into that kind of thing).

The First Impressions series

Centered around a PR & Branding agency, the super-steamy First Impressions series is written so each of these laugh-out- loud romantic comedies stands on its own. If you’d prefer to read them in order, here’s a key:

Single title romantic comedies

These romantic comedies are longer than my category romances, and sometimes deal with weightier subjects like divorce and infidelity. They’re still romantic comedies at heart, but expect a few tears to be thrown in with the laughter. The books are not tied together in any way, and can be read in any order.

The Front & Center series

These books center around a family of military men and women who find love where they least expect it. Each book in this risqué, laugh-out-loud military series is written as a standalone romantic comedy, but if you’d like to read them in release order, here’s how they go:

Novellas and other offbeat options

These bite-sized reads are shorter than a full-length novel, and perfect to devour in one sitting.