Sorry I suck at this…

I just jumped in here to update this page and discovered my last “news” was posted more than a year ago. Not very newsworthy.

I could post something about upcoming audiobooks or new releases, but let’s be honest here. I’ll come back in a year and be pissed at myself again for failing to stay on top of it.

Since self-flagellation isn’t as fun as it sounds, and “staying on top of it” isn’t something I’m great at in this context, how about you visit me on Facebook or Instagram where I’m much better at posting book news. Even better, subscribe to my newsletter for up-to-the-minute book announcements, fun giveaways, and behind-the-scenes secrets about my stories.

Thanks for your patience, and for thinking in the first place I’m the kind of tech-savvy author who’d excel at website updates when I don’t even know how to operate a television set. #NotJoking