What do you do when you’re not writing?
I think about writing. Maybe not the process of putting my hands on the keyboard, but my brain is constantly downloading places, events, jokes, and characters for current or future books. I can’t speak for all authors, but this is why lots of us snicker at the question, “where do you get your ideas?” Most of us are drowning in them!

Okay, but you’re not always in author mode, right?
I try not to be. I love reading, cooking, daily yoga, camping, standup paddleboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, drinking wine, and taking my pups to the dog park. I may or may not think about writing while I do those things.

How many pets do you have?
A lot. Like…A LOT.

Seriously, how many pets?
Two dogs and five cats at present. I hesitate to put that in writing because odds are good we’ll acquire another cat at some point.

Are you a full-time author?
Yes. But I also hold a part-time job as the PR & Communications Manager for my city’s tourism bureau.

When will you quit your day job?
When they grab me by the hair and forcibly drag me from the building. I love my day job, and don’t harbor any fantasies about telling my boss to stuff it. I had a nine-month stint doing the full-time, stay-at-home-author thing, and I was lousy at it. My introverted nature meant I’d go for days without ever leaving the house, and my creativity dried up when I didn’t have regular human interaction and outside stimulation.

What’s with all the boob jokes?
Hooters, blouse bunnies, sweater potatoes, lady balls, dumplings, chesticles…shall I go on?

Fans of Making Waves probably recognize that litany of boob terms from the book, and it’s true I’m fond of all things boob-related. When an adolescent growth spurt left me looking like a pair of olives speared on a toothpick, I realized I could either be the joke or make the joke. I like the latter, even now that I’ve grown into my assets.

For the record, I’m an equal opportunity genital jokester. Want to know 100 words for penis?

Pork sword, beef bayonet, joy juicer, executive staff member…

Do you do speaking engagements?
Occasionally when someone offers me food, wine, money, or some combination of the above. To offer me one or more of those things, email me at tawna at tawnafenske dot com or contact my agent.