The Juniper Ridge Romantic Comedy series

Six famous siblings have had it with Hollywood drama. They buy a quirky piece of property in middle-of-freakin’-nowhere Oregon to start a small town with a mishmash of medics, cops, and teachers seeking a fresh start—and maybe a shot at love. It’s half social experiment, half television hit, and one hundred percent heartwarming and hilarious.

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Show Time

book 1 | Dean & Vanessa | June 2020

Building a small town from scratch? Piece of cake. Bossing my big, messy family? Done. Keeping my hands off the hot CFO? Not so easy…

I’ve brokered billion-dollar deals as the man in charge.

I can handle a challenge.

But Vanessa’s not just any challenge.

The whip-smart finance magician has me tripping over my tongue––and other parts––when we team up to launch my family’s reality TV show.

Between a sexy waterslide romp, adopting a dog, and a hike that lands her bra in a tree,

we’re dangerously close to mixing business and pleasure.

This can’t end well. 

If my meddling brothers and sisters get their way, 

I’ll be one of the suckers falling in love under the spotlight.

No way. I’ve been burned before.

I can’t risk it all with a show to run, a town depending on me, 

and a growing sense someone’s set on sabotaging it all.

It’s my job to save the business and protect my family.

That means keeping my stupid heart out of the boardroom.

For once in my life, I’m not sure I have it all under control.

One-click this hilarious forbidden workplace rom-com about a billionaire trying to create a utopia on reality T.V. and the woman who makes him question everything along the way.

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Narration by Sebastian York and Emma Wilder

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Let it Show

book 2 | Griffin & Mari | March 2021

Step one in starting my new life: Don’t fall for my shrink. 

Scratch that. Step one is settling my daughter in our new small town life.

So what if it’s the set of a reality TV show?

I agreed to let cameras follow me around, but stay the hell away from my kid.

And screw the storyline about a grumpy single dad finding love.

I’m here for the fresh start.

It’s bad enough I’ve got these sessions with sexy psychologist Mari.

Mari and her foul-mouthed parrot and her love of quirky trivia.

Mari and our blazing hot kiss in a bizarre underground bunker. 

I can’t fall for her. 

See, I’m pretty sure the good doc’s hiding something huge.

And a woman with secrets is a recipe for heartache.

Take it from a guy who knows.

A romance like this is forbidden six ways to Sunday.

So why can’t we keep our hands off each other?

One-click this forbidden doctor/patient rom-com about a single dad trying to find a new life in a small town and the psychiatrist with a secret who could just be his new chance at love.

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Narration by Jason Clarke and Erin Mallon

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Show Down

book 3 | Nick & Lauren | September 2021

They called me America’s smartest entrepreneur. So how was I dumb enough to let my dream girl get away?

I built my billion-dollar business slinging a hammer.

Not with a law degree like the rest of my tight-knit family.

An entire chain of luxury resorts bears my name.

But that’s a cold comfort when the woman I love hates my guts.

She should, considering how things ended.

So I set out to win Lauren back by moving to this quirky small town

and scoring a spot on her family’s reality TV show.

Between a botched baking class, sexy bumper car battles, and a bizarrely hostile fish,

I’m almost sure we’ll get our second chance at love.

Too bad Lauren’s in no hurry to pick up where we left off.

Even if our chemistry’s still off-the-charts hot.

Good thing I’m no quitter, especially when it comes to her.

One-click this small town rom-com about a self-made billionaire trying to secure his second chance at love with the woman he let get away…if he can convince her to stop hating him.

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Narration by Benjamin Charles and Stella Hunter

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Show of Honor

book 4 | Joe & Jessie | November 2021

She rocked my world last Christmas. Now she’s here with my baby in her arms.

I never dreamed I’d be dressed as a deranged bear the first time I held my daughter.

Or even that I’d have a daughter. 

Navy SEAL life isn’t great for fatherhood.

But seeing Jessie with baby Joy hits me like a happy holiday thunderbolt.

She’s not sure she trusts me, and who can blame her? 

Maybe if we’d swapped more than ten words before falling into bed that snowy night, we wouldn’t be strangers. 

I can’t regret our fling, just like I can’t ditch a military career I’ve wanted my whole life.

But maybe there’s something I want more.

Jessie, for starters. This unexpected small-town holiday.

We’re making heaps of family memories over gift wrap gaffes and sexy dreidel games.

Not to mention kisses hot enough to melt mistletoe.

I just need to prove we belong together.

Preferably before one of us hops a flight and gets gone for good.

One-click this second chance, small town rom-com about a military man who discovers he’s a father and the woman who started out as a one-night stand and might become his happily ever after.

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Narration by Craig Zagurski and Aleta Nissen

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Just for Show

book 5 | Cooper & Amy | September 2022

Only in my world does the family screwup have a police record and three Oscars. 

And only a screwup like me would be nuts enough to fall for a cop.

Not just any cop. 

Amy’s the police chief in this small town my family built from scratch.

We’ve got a reality TV spotlight scanning our every move.

No way will the perfect girl next door take a chance on me.

I’ve heard she’s got a brother behind bars, so guys with rap sheets are off limits.

The thing is, I’ve changed. 

My family might hover like I’m ready to flop face-first off the wagon.

But I’m doing great, and I plan to prove it to Amy.

We laugh like crazy together, but there’s more between us. 

I’m sure of it.

Between bedazzled thongs, a hilariously raunchy text mishap, and sexy handcuff games,

I’m determined to break down her walls.

Except the harder I try to show I’m a new man, 

the more I know Chief Lovelin locked up my heart and chucked the key.

One-click this lighthearted, opposites attract rom-com about a reformed bad boy black sheep who falls for the cop intent on keeping his family’s small town safe…and her heart locked away from him.

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Narration by Tim Paige and Avery Reid

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Show Off

book 6 | Lana & Dal | June 2024

I wish I didn’t know how one heartbreak can smash your world to bits.
And really I wish I didn’t suspect it’s why there’s an edge to Lana’s sunshine smile.
Hell, I wish I didn’t think of Lana at all.
I’m busy busting ass to be the best—and yeah, grumpiest—chef around.
There’s a reason I keep people at a distance.
My evenings blur with butter and basil and helping my brother.
Trying to forget how he wound up in a wheelchair.
We’ve got our routine, and there’s no room for sweet smiles or blue eyes or…why is it so damn hot in here?
The thing is, Lana spins stories as a PR goddess.
I’m all for icing cookies, but sugarcoating the truth? Never.
Directness is best, even if it means awkward dessert dates that are definitely not dates, and embarrassing chats with my dog.
But one truth I’m terrified to face?
I’m nuts for Lana.
And the fallout could blow up our lives like a mug cake microwaved in a tin cup.
One-click this lighthearted, grumpy-soft-for-sunshine steamy romance about a surly chef and the sunshiny little sister of a big, messy, loving family.

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