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Show Down

Juniper Ridge | book 3 | September 2021

They called me America’s smartest entrepreneur. So how was I dumb enough to let my dream girl get away?

I built my billion-dollar business slinging a hammer.

Not with a law degree like the rest of my tight-knit family.

An entire chain of luxury resorts bears my name.

But that’s a cold comfort when the woman I love hates my guts.

She should, considering how things ended.

So I set out to win Lauren back by moving to this quirky small town

and scoring a spot on her family’s reality TV show.

Between a botched baking class, sexy bumper car battles, and a bizarrely hostile fish,

I’m almost sure we’ll get our second chance at love.

Too bad Lauren’s in no hurry to pick up where we left off.

Even if our chemistry’s still off-the-charts hot.

Good thing I’m no quitter, especially when it comes to her.

One-click this small town rom-com about a self-made billionaire trying to secure his second chance at love with the woman he let get away…if he can convince her to stop hating him.

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Narration by Benjamin Charles and Stella Hunter