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Show Down

Juniper Ridge | book 3 | September 2021


Show Down on Audible

Narration by Benjamin Charles and Stella Hunter

They call me America’s smartest entrepreneur…so how was I dumb enough to let my dream girl get away?


I built my billion-dollar business from the ground up.

Became “America’s smartest entrepreneur” with nothing but a hammer in my hand.

An entire chain of luxury resorts bears my name.

It’s a cold comfort when the woman I love hates my guts.

She should, considering how things ended.

Winning Lauren back will be no small task.

Step one: secure a spot on her family’s reality show social experiment to create a small town.

Easy, since I’m a builder who loves a challenge.

Step two: get as close to her as possible.

This proves harder.

And getting Lo to forgive me may be impossible.

Between a botched baking class, sexy bumper car battles, and a bizarrely hostile fish…

It’s clear she’s in no hurry to pick up where we left off.

But I’m no quitter, especially when it comes to her.

I’m prepared for a show down for a second chance at love.

One-click this small town rom-com about a self-made billionaire trying to secure his second chance at love with the woman he let get away…if he can convince her to stop hating him.