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Show of Honor

Juniper Ridge Holiday Novella | book 4 | November 2021

She rocked my world last Christmas…and now she’s here with my baby in her arms.

I never saw myself dressing up as a deranged bear.

And I certainly never expected to learn I have a daughter while in costume.

Navy SEAL life isn’t ideal for fatherhood.

Yet seeing Jessie with Joy hits me like a happy holiday thunderbolt.

Even if my one-night-stand doesn’t fully trust me.

Maybe if we’d swapped more than ten words before falling into bed that snowy night, we wouldn’t be strangers.

Still, I can’t regret our fling.

Just like I can’t ditch a military career I’ve spent my whole life wanting.

But maybe there’s something I want more…

The bond and memories we’re creating with our baby over giftwrap gaffes, sexy dreidel games, and kisses hot enough to melt mistletoe.

I just need to prove we belong together.

Preferably before one of us hops a flight and gets gone for good.

One-click this second chance small town rom-com about a military man who discovers he’s a father and the woman who started out as a one-night stand and might become his happily ever after.

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Narration by Craig Zagurski and Aleta Nissen