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Let it Show

Juniper Ridge | book 2 | March 2021

Step one in starting my new life: Don’t fall for my shrink. 

Scratch that. Step one is settling my daughter in our new small town life.

So what if it’s the set of a reality TV show?

I agreed to let cameras follow me around, but stay the hell away from my kid.

And screw the storyline about a grumpy single dad finding love.

I’m here for the fresh start.

It’s bad enough I’ve got these sessions with sexy psychologist Mari.

Mari and her foul-mouthed parrot and her love of quirky trivia.

Mari and our blazing hot kiss in a bizarre underground bunker. 

I can’t fall for her. 

See, I’m pretty sure the good doc’s hiding something huge.

And a woman with secrets is a recipe for heartache.

Take it from a guy who knows.

A romance like this is forbidden six ways to Sunday.

So why can’t we keep our hands off each other?

One-click this forbidden doctor/patient rom-com about a single dad trying to find a new life in a small town and the psychiatrist with a secret who could just be his new chance at love.

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Narration by Jason Clarke and Erin Mallon