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Show Off

Juniper Ridge | book 6 | June 2024

I wish I didn’t know how one heartbreak can smash your world to bits.
And really I wish I didn’t suspect it’s why there’s an edge to Lana’s sunshine smile.
Hell, I wish I didn’t think of Lana at all.
I’m busy busting ass to be the best—and yeah, grumpiest—chef around.
There’s a reason I keep people at a distance.
My evenings blur with butter and basil and helping my brother.
Trying to forget how he wound up in a wheelchair.
We’ve got our routine, and there’s no room for sweet smiles or blue eyes or…why is it so damn hot in here?
The thing is, Lana spins stories as a PR goddess.
I’m all for icing cookies, but sugarcoating the truth? Never.
Directness is best, even if it means awkward dessert dates that are definitely not dates, and embarrassing chats with my dog.
But one truth I’m terrified to face?
I’m nuts for Lana.
And the fallout could blow up our lives like a mug cake microwaved in a tin cup.
One-click this lighthearted, grumpy-soft-for-sunshine steamy romance about a surly chef and the sunshiny little sister of a big, messy, loving family.