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Just for Show

Juniper Ridge | book 5 | September 2022

Only in my world does the family screwup have a rap sheet and three Oscars. And only a screwup like me would be nuts enough to fall for a cop.

Not just any cop. Amy’s our police chief in this tiny town that doubles as my family’s social experiment and reality show. That’s some serious conflict of interest, so why can’t I stay away?

It shouldn’t matter, since Amy slams the cell door shut anytime we’re close. I’ve heard rumblings of a brother behind bars, and she doesn’t need more trouble. Thing is, I’ve changed. Forget how my family hovers like I’m poised to flop face-first off the wagon. I’m doing great, and I plan to prove it to Amy.

But while my goofy jokes make her smile, I can’t convince her there’s more between us than laughs and chemistry so hot it might be illegal. The harder I try to show I’ve changed, the surer I am that Chief Lovelin locked up my heart and chucked the damn key.