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Just for Show

Juniper Ridge | book 5 | September 2022

Only in my world does the family screwup have a police record and three Oscars. 

And only a screwup like me would be nuts enough to fall for a cop.

Not just any cop. 

Amy’s the police chief in this small town my family built from scratch.

We’ve got a reality TV spotlight scanning our every move.

No way will the perfect girl next door take a chance on me.

I’ve heard she’s got a brother behind bars, so guys with rap sheets are off limits.

The thing is, I’ve changed. 

My family might hover like I’m ready to flop face-first off the wagon.

But I’m doing great, and I plan to prove it to Amy.

We laugh like crazy together, but there’s more between us. 

I’m sure of it.

Between bedazzled thongs, a hilariously raunchy text mishap, and sexy handcuff games,

I’m determined to break down her walls.

Except the harder I try to show I’m a new man, 

the more I know Chief Lovelin locked up my heart and chucked the key.

One-click this lighthearted, opposites attract rom-com about a reformed bad boy black sheep who falls for the cop intent on keeping his family’s small town safe…and her heart locked away from him.