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Juniper Ridge | book 1 | March 2020


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Narration by Sebastian York and Emma Wilder

Don’t mix business with pleasure…especially when it’s all on camera.

Building a small town from the ground up is hard.

Doing it on a reality television show only makes it more complicated.

But that won’t stop my family from trying.

I’m determined to succeed…and I always maintain control.

Until my new CFO arrives.

Smart and sexy, Vanessa Vincent is the complete package.

And she’s doing something to mine.

Somewhere between a sexy waterslide ride and adopting a dog, we share a helluva lot more than spreadsheets.

The only thing riskier than mixing business with pleasure is the threat to our project.

Someone wants to see us fail.

With sabotage on the table, it’s more than just the show on the line.

So are our hearts.

One-click this hilarious forbidden workplace rom-com about a billionaire trying to create a utopia on reality T.V. and the woman who makes him question everything along the way.