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Show Time

Juniper Ridge | book 1 | March 2020

Building a small town from scratch? Piece of cake. Bossing my big, messy family? Done. Keeping my hands off the hot CFO? Not so easy…

I’ve brokered billion-dollar deals as the man in charge.

I can handle a challenge.

But Vanessa’s not just any challenge.

The whip-smart finance magician has me tripping over my tongue––and other parts––when we team up to launch my family’s reality TV show.

Between a sexy waterslide romp, adopting a dog, and a hike that lands her bra in a tree,

we’re dangerously close to mixing business and pleasure.

This can’t end well. 

If my meddling brothers and sisters get their way, 

I’ll be one of the suckers falling in love under the spotlight.

No way. I’ve been burned before.

I can’t risk it all with a show to run, a town depending on me, 

and a growing sense someone’s set on sabotaging it all.

It’s my job to save the business and protect my family.

That means keeping my stupid heart out of the boardroom.

For once in my life, I’m not sure I have it all under control.

One-click this hilarious forbidden workplace rom-com about a billionaire trying to create a utopia on reality T.V. and the woman who makes him question everything along the way.

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Narration by Sebastian York and Emma Wilder