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Ask Me

Cherry Blossom Lake | book 4 | December 2024

Ask anyone in town for the best guy to rev your engine they’ll point to me.
Ask anyone who’s read a book or watched TV, or hell…
Any human with a pulse knows Brooke Braham is America’s top advice guru.
I don’t need a PhD to see I shouldn’t fall for the famous shrink.
It’s not like an auto shop owner can’t run with the rich and beautiful, but guess what?
Turns out the good doc and I share way more than scorching chemistry.
She lost her sister in the worst way, and I—
Well, let’s just say it messes with a guy to learn his dead addict mom isn’t.
Dead, I mean. Who knew?
Not me or my big pack of rowdy brothers.
Maybe my sister, who felt it all along. 
Me? I’m not big on feelings. 
Except Brooke’s got me all up in mine, and it turns out they aren’t just below the belt.
She’s funny and smart and she loves my big, doofy dog.
The woman has it all, and she’s saving the world one weird soul at a time.
But who’s saving her?
Because while we’re playing like small-town sweethearts, 
steaming up windows and spinning ourselves silly on my childhood tire swing,
I’m seeing a side of Brooke no one else does.
This woman of steel holds herself together with duct tape and tire glue.
She deserves the damn moon on a gold platter rimmed with diamonds and cupcakes and maybe some heated driving gloves and—never mind
No way she wants to be rescued like some damsel in distress.
But what if we’re meant to save each other?
One click this opposites-attract romantic comedy with a small-town mechanic who might just be the soulmate for a famous advice guru.