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Charm Me

Cherry Blossom Lake | book 2 | January 2024

Call me cocky, but it’s a fact women fall at my feet. So why does this one want to kick me in the junk?
Might be my work for her uncle’s legal defense.
Or the dubious ways I earned my millions.
Or the scandal that cost my career. Or hell.
Maybe it’s just that I’m not a nice guy.
A fact I’m regretting once Lucy storms in and gets me rethinking my rule on dating single moms.
She’s funny and smart and so sexy it shouldn’t be legal.
Take it from a disbarred lawyer.
One desperate to dodge this desire sparking like frayed wires in a champagne flute of kerosene.
A few stolen kisses and I’m suddenly starved for simple life on this sweet lake, but that’s absurd.
Guys like me don’t belong in small towns. Towns this charming, this good, this…pure.
It should be easy staying chaste with Lucy, since our encounters include a precocious pre-teen, one misguided bat, and a goat who won’t take no for an answer.
But nothing’s easy with a woman born to boss five grumpy brothers.
Big as they are, those guys don’t scare me.
Not like my feelings for Luce and her daughter. Those have me quaking in my Gucci loafers.
So does this big-ass secret bearing down like a toxic tsunami.
One-click this laugh-out-loud, enemies-to-lovers rom-com about a single mom and the bad boy millionaire she swears she’ll never fall for (spoiler alert: she does).