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The Fix Up

First Impressions | book 1 | December 2015

He’s a nerd tasked with finding his inner alpha, stat.

She’s a PR pro crafting corporate brands in her sleep, but fixing a flesh and blood man?

If only Holly Colvin weren’t desperate.

The bank’s set to seize her marketing firm, which just proves her sexist ex right.

Holly really can’t have it all.

Ben’s got his own burning needs, and not the naked kind.

His overbearing dad just dragged him from the lab to put him at the helm of the family firm.

Ben’s smart and fit and quirkily sexy in his glasses and Star Trek tees, but CEO material?

Big nope. Except Holly sees potential.

And like it or not, Ben must become the next alphahole boss of Langley Enterprises.

Suits and shiny speeches aren’t his style, but transforming Langley into the company he’s always known it could be?

That’s a challenge Ben can get behind.

Which means he’s not getting behind his new branding expert to nuzzle her neck or tug Holly’s tight updo or cup those sweet, soft…

What the hell is wrong with him?

Because working with Holly, facing down wardrobe malfunctions and business lingo that sounds way sexier than it should,

Ben’s becoming the man his family needs him to be.

But can he still be the best man for Holly?

One-click this sexy romantic comedy about a reluctant CEO who gets an image makeover from the last woman on earth he should fall for.