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The Hang Up

First Impressions | book 2 | June 2016

He’s got the outdoor prowess of a puma and the social grace of…well, also a puma.

One dressed in a suit and set to lead a multi-national firm.

But it’s worth it for Jason to rescue his sister and her sweet five-year-old son.

A little boy fresh off a medical crisis that scared them all senseless.

Enter Miriam Ashley, a city girl and branding expert who doesn’t date outdoorsy dudes.

She lost her dad in a climbing accident, so no way will she fall for a guy who hurls himself off mountains for fun.

Which makes Miriam the perfect PR pro for Jason.

If she can transform this rugged outdoorsman into a polished boss,

Jason can save Urban Trax from financial ruin.

Problem is, each attempt to make Jason fit for the boardroom lands him breathless in the bedroom with Miriam.

And somewhere between etiquette lessons and a sexy canoe date, they start falling in love.

It’s a risky gamble, with hundreds of jobs hinging on how well Jason fills his CEO shoes.

But the shoes on his mind are the spike-heeled stilettos Miriam kicks off by his bed.

Will Jason’s quest to save everyone else cost him the woman of his dreams?

Or can this classy PR magician wave her magic wand at Jason’s heart?

One-click this sexy romantic comedy about a rough-around-the-edges outdoorsman working to become the boss who saves the day, and the city girl who hopes to save him.