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Try Me

Cherry Blossom Lake | book 1 | July 2023

If money talks, it’s telling me to steer clear of Cassidy Brooks.
Too bad my heart’s got the sense of a jellyfish.
The rest of me knows I’m reckless craving a woman wrapped up with wealthy outsiders.
Rich pricks like Cassidy’s boss, slapping glitzy mansions on the old gravel pit they’ve dubbed “Luxury, lakefront Oregon Coast land.”
Land that’s been in my family for decades, but not now. Not anymore.
Blame my shady uncle and a cast of cash-flush, toxic ass-crabs for that.
I want to blame Cassidy, but really? I just want her.
Cassidy and her smart mouth and sunshine eyes and rich lady shoes that make her legs look––
No. Not going there. It’s all I can do to keep my fishing fleet afloat while watching over a boatload of wild brothers and one bossy sister.
And Cassidy’s got her own troubles. A sick sister and a mom with chronic bad taste in men.
We should keep our distance, right?
But this town’s so small we’re crossing paths over sexy trivia night, hermit crab hijinks, and a wardrobe malfunction that lands me up close and clumsily personal with Cassidy’s mom.
I just want my town back. My family’s land.
Land Cassidy’s crew has their eye on.
There’s no way this ends well.
So why can’t we keep our hands off each other?
One-click this laugh-out-loud, enemies-to-lovers rom-com about a small-town fisherman who can’t resist the woman whose wealthy world he blames for his family’s downfall.